FA Youth Cup


You could not have wrote a better FA Youth Cup script St Albans U18 against Biggleswade Town U18 final preliminary round two very good teams with one foot in the FA Youth Cup 1st round and ironically Lee Allison First team asst Manager of High Flying St Albans of the National league South, Manager of Biggleswade U18 and FC LAFA what were the odds, definitely a Jeff Stellar moment Sky Sport would love and  let’s not forget the away team dressing and dugout will be a strange place for this inspiring and  young next generation Manager WOW! Definitely not a match any football loving supporters of both sides would want to miss.   Lee done it the hard way from Watford Academy through to  Non-League and let’s not forget captaining Biggleswade Town First team a step 3 club on the up to where the real story begins. 

Wednesday 18th October Lee Allinson takes his young team he has coached, nurtured, mentored and shown constant believe and support over three years from U15, he has seen them grow from boys to young men and Wednesday will be  proud night for Lee but like any other game his desire to win will ripple through this young side to win with, passion, belief and style, Lee Allinson has built a side and club FC LAFA that is the very essence of himself and he not afraid to introduce the young hungry players from his other younger age groups into such a meaningful game so expect a great game tomorrow with decent crowd with divided loyalty but one thing for sure they will be supporting Lee and Faye Allinson

Oh and my loyalty without question is with the away team dressing room



Let’s make history